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 Koleksi Soalan Lazim Berkaitan Dengan Astral Projection

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PostSubject: Koleksi Soalan Lazim Berkaitan Dengan Astral Projection   11th November 2010, 2:29 pm

Kesemua yang di bawah adalah soalan lazim berkenaan dengan AP beserta jawapan..namun, kesemuanya dalam Bahasa Inggeris..nak translate kepada BM? aduh...tak larat beb..agaknya orang-orang Malaysia masih belum mengkaji tentang AP kot?
takpe...baca aje la soalan lazim dan jawapannya kat bawah ni..kalau ada apa-apa yang tak faham, boleh tanya la...
semoga dengan adanya ruangan ni, korang punya kefahaman terhadap AP akan bertambah jelas..
ada sesetengah jawapan tu adalah pendapat dari orang Barat, so faham-faham je la..
bukan semua boleh pakai kan..jadi pandai-pandai la korang menilai...
kesemua soalan dan jawapan sebenarnya berjumlah lebih dari 200!
tetapi disebabkan dah banyak sangat, so aku ambil yang relevan aje la...
lagipun penat nak tulis dan edit semua 200 lebih soalan lazim dan jawapan tu..
wat masa ni aku sorang je yang wat Admin takde lagi..Mod plak sibuk dengan hal masing-masing..
tak bleh nak salahkan dorang jugak kan..jadi, korang bace je la yang ada pun dah cukup letih dah aku nak edit..
berair mata wooo..

1. What is Astral Projection?
Astral Projection is a conscious attempt to separate the astral body (soul, consciousness) from the
physical body, while being both alive and preferably awake at that time.
This may sound weird. But it isn’t. In fact everybody experiences unconscious Astral Projection
each time they fall asleep. However, most people don't remember it.
While Astral Projection is a conscious effort, Out Of Body Experience (OOBE) is generally an
unconscious separation.
For all practical purposes, Astral Projection can also be called Out Of Body Experience (OOBE)

During Astral Projection or OOBE, the consciousness (oneself) can act independently of the
physical body in a non-physical dimension. This experience is not a dream of any kind. The
projector is fully aware and awake and can decide, analyze, and interact freely in this nonphysical
OOBE or Astral Projection is not linked in any way to ritualistic magic and does not rely on any
particular religious or belief system. There are hundreds of techniques available for achieving a
successful OOBE. However attempting to leave one’s physical body under the influence of
medication or hallucinogenic drugs is seriously not recommended!

2. What happens when people experience Astral Projection or Out of Body Experience
During conscious or unconscious Astral Projection, the projector finds himself outside his
physical body and he is released from any physical constraints. During conscious projection, he
can travel anywhere he wishes to, meet other projectors, learn from advanced astral beings and
enhance his spiritual growth.

3.Which culture first discovered Astral Projection?
The ancient Egyptians were one of the first cultures to record belief in life after death. They
believed that everyone had a soul that could exist beyond the physical body. Hieroglyphics that
have been discovered in tombs record hundreds of prayers. According to historians and
Egyptologists, these prayers were to be said over the body of the deceased to guide the spirit on
its way.
Egyptians believed that the soul was encased in a spirit body called the Ka, which is an exact
replica of the physical body. They believed that the Ka could leave the body during life. They
also drew pictures of people sleeping with their Kas (or souls) floating above them. This is
strikingly similar to the modern day descriptions of NDE's (Near Death Experiences). During
NDEs, the soul leaves the body at the point of death only to return again if the person is
The Tibetans believe in the Bardo body, which can leave the physical body while still alive.
They believe that the Bardo body can be directed wherever by will.
Ancient Greeks believed in a 'Double Body', which housed the soul. Plato was of the belief that
the soul was freed on death but could also leave the body during life.

Additional Notes

In 1978, Dean Sheils, in a research published in the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research
'A Cross-cultural Study of Beliefs in Out of Body Experiences', compared the believe systems of
over 60 different cultures and found that 54 of them had some concept of Astral Projection and
that half of them also believed that it is possible for this to happen consciously and while alive.
Almost half claimed that certain members of their cultures could do this at will.
Source: (A Beginners Guide to Astral Projection by Richard Craze - Hodder & Stoughton 1999 -
ISBN: `0340 737557

4. Does Science believe in Astral Projection?
About half a century ago, science didn’t take heed to the phenomenon of Astral Projection. But
over the last 45 years there has been a more scientific approach taken.
The first major study was done in 1951, by Muldoon and Carrington. They collected and
collated over 100 cases of OOBEs. They found that their research did indicate a ‘double’ that
could live consciously outside the physical body and that could also survive the death of the
Raymond A. Moody, often thought as the father of NDEs, has written a very popular book ‘Life
after Life’ on the subject. His scientific researches have made a significant contribution in
strengthening scientific beliefs in Astral Projection.

5. How common is Astral Projection?
Astral Projection is experienced, possibly by 5% to 10% of the world's population, which
suggests around 6 million in the U.K or as much as 30 million in the United States.

6. Does Out-of-body experience change a person’s religious beliefs?
Published in 1992, there was an in-depth study of 350 participants done by Dr.Melvin Morse.
According to that study, Out-of-body experiences did not seem to alter one's religious beliefs.
In fact, most people reported that their religious beliefs have been confirmed and strengthened by
their out-of-body experiences.

7. Does astral projection prove life after death?
People, who have experienced proper conscious OOBE even once, strongly believe that there is
life after death. Finding themselves outside their physical bodies and still functioning, still able
to see, hear, touch, even smell and taste, still able to do everything and more, how can anyone
deny that life goes on? In most of these people's minds there is no doubt.

8. Can Astral Projection be proven to be real?
Out-of-body experience is something that has to be felt. It is very difficult to prove to someone
that this is true. It is totally up to the individual to decide whether or not Astral Projection is
indeed as real as any other ‘normal’ experience. If you have had an OOBE, you would know that
the experience is as real as anything you have ever done. You KNOW that the Astral Plane exists
just as much as your house does. Those who haven’t Astral Projected, though, must decide for
themselves if it is ‘real’ or not. If you want to prove to yourself about its reality, just keep an
open mind and try. You would soon believe.

9. Can anyone learn to Astral Project ? Or is it something you inherit 'genetically'?
Yes, anyone can Astral Project. But it requires some practice, consistency and open-mindedness.
Just like you learn to walk, ride a bicycle or swim, Astral Projection is a skill you need to learn.

10. Is age a factor for Astral Projection?
Not at all. Age is never a factor for Astral Projection. It’s a fact that children astral project more
than adults. The reason is that children are innocent and they believe everything is possible. So
they achieve Astral Projection more easily. But we adults do not believe everything easily. The
sooner we can be open-minded and start believing, the easier it would be to Project. But age, in
itself, is never a roadblock for Projection. The only hindrance is your level of belief.

11. How long does it take to have an out-of-body experience?
Since every individual is different, no one can guarantee how long it can take. Some achieve it in
the first try and others do not achieve it even in two years! But if tried consistently, about 30
days is a fair enough time to experience at least one projection.

12. What are the benefits of Astral Projection?
You can progress spiritually. You can use this technique to learn more about your role on this
planet. The feeling of being one with the universe is ecstatic.
You can reassure yourself that there is life after death. If it is possible for your consciousness to
exist outside of your body, then it is also possible that your consciousness may be able to survive
physical death.
You can increase your clairvoyance, ESP and other psychic abilities.
You can give it a try just to find out how it feels to exist outside the body.
You can float, fly like a bird and go where ever you want to go.
You can meet your loved ones who have left the physical plane.
You can explore dimensions other than the physical
You can meet your Spiritual Guide
You can visit distant galaxies and other planets
You can learn more about yourself by knowing your past life.
You can heal yourself mentally and physically.
What you can do in the astral is limited only by your imagination!

13. Can people learn to Astral Project at will?
Yes, you can learn to Astral Project at will. There are countless techniques that teach you how to
have an OOBE. Since every individual is different, no particular technique is best for everybody.
You have to find out which method is best for you. Just like anything in life, you have to practice
and get good at it.

14. How can I be sure that I had an out-of-body experience?
When it happens you will know. No one will be able to convince you otherwise. If you were
fully conscious during your OBE, you will have no doubts.

15. Is there ever any possibility of not being able to get back into the physical body after
You see, every night when we sleep, our Astral body is out of our physical body. We are not
conscious about it. The only difference is that during Astral Projection we are aware of the fact
that we're in another dimension. Since after every night's sleep we can get easily get back into
the body, we can do the same after astral projection
The surprising fact is that it is difficult to stay out of the body. Getting back into your body is
instant and automatic. Your Astral Body is connected to your physical body by a Silver Cord
(more about it later), which ensures that you can always get back in

16. Is Astral Projection safe for everyone?
Astral Projection is a natural experience reported in every culture and society of the world. It is
safe for most people. But anyone who has acute psychological problems should avoid it.

17. Can I Get Possessed During OBE?
This is a very common question in most people’s minds. No. There is no danger of you being
possessed by other entities. Your Astral Body is attached to your physical body by a Silver Cord
and no one else can get it.

18. How long can I stay out of my body?
You can stay out of your body for as long as your physical body allows. When the physical body
wants you back, you will feel a slight tug and will know instinctively that you are needed back in
your body. When you are called back, you should not resist and allow yourself to be reeled back
into your body.

19. What does the astral body look like?
The astral body is luminous and starry. It is usually a replica of the physical body. It looks
younger and brighter than the physical. It is generally without clothes, but you can clothe it in
anyway you like.

20. How conscious is a person during Astral Projection? Is the experience as life-like as
being in the physical body?
When you have a proper and controlled Astral Projection, you are as conscious as being in the
physical body. When you do not have complete control, the experience can sometimes be a bit

21. Are there other Planes apart from the Astral Plane?
Yes, there are several Planes apart from the Astral Plane. Each higher plane operates at a
frequency higher than the Plane below it. Once you leave the Astral Plane, you enter the Mental
Plane. The higher Planes are not visual in nature, just pure knowledge.

22. How far can one go out of body?
There is no limit defined as to how far you can go away from the physical body. But it is
important to note that there are certain areas that you do not readily have access to unless you
have spiritually graduated to those areas. As mentioned earlier, there are several planes apart
from the Astral Plane. You cannot visit a higher vibratory plane in a lower vibratory body.

23. What is the difference between Astral Projection and awaking in a dream?
The difference is only in the way in which you enter the Astral.
With Astral Projection you get into the Astral world straight from the body. But when you wake
up in a dream, you have missed the projection but still are consciously in the Astral. You can be
in the Astral using both methods. It's only the way that you get there that's different.

24. What is the astral plane?
The astral plane is a place where all thoughts, fantasies, memories, and dreams of everyone in
the world exist. It is a fantastic place to travel in. There are many different travellers and entities
that inhabit it. The Astral Plane operates at a much higher frequency than our physical plane.
This Plane is far more mutable than the Physical Plane and can be changed and altered just by
the power of thought.

25. What does the astral plane look like?
Just like the Astral Body, the astral plane is starry, bright and luminous. This is because in the
Astral Plane everything vibrates at a higher frequency. The Astral Plane is much more vivid than
earth. The colours seem to be brighter and everything sparkles with extra clarity.

26. By the term "Astral Projection", do we mean that the Astral Body is projected to the
Astral Plane?
Just as the physical body is on the physical plane, the Astral Body is already on the Astral Plane.
We do not "project" to planes but we just focus or tune in to specific vibrations. We become
aware and gain a different perspective. It is just like tuning a radio into different frequencies.

27. What are the signs of projection?
There are different signs for different people. However some signs are most common: Vibrations
throughout the body, total paralysis as if a heavy boulder is kept on the body, floating feeling,
numbness, clarity of thought, buzzing in the ears etc.

28. What is Sleep Paralysis
During Sleep Paralysis your mind is completely awake and your body is completely asleep. The
body is so relaxed that it is almost impossible to move it. When this happens for the first time,
the person might panic because it is something never experienced before. But this situation is
totally natural and a very good sign. Sleep Paralysis doesn't last long and your body becomes
normal very soon. When your body is in the paralysis state, it is an apt time to attempt
projection, because the body is totally incapacitated and all you have to do is visualize yourself
leaving it by whatever method works best for you.

29. What does it feel like when we leave the body?
When you are consciously leaving your body, there is an unmistakable feel to the entire process.
You will find yourself rising-up and floating over your body. Everything is very clear and you
know for sure that you are not dreaming. Just the thought of lifting your limbs will make them
rise! Just the thought of floating higher will make you reach the ceiling!
You may find yourself seeing “through” your eyelids. It’s a weird feeling to see with your eyes
closed! Or maybe you cannot see at all. This is a temporary situation called Astral blindness.
After a couple of projections, you will learn how to see.
You may also feel intense buzzing, humming, or roaring sound - sometimes so loud, as if
someone has installed a motor in your head! These sounds and sensations normally dissipate
after separation is complete.
You will find yourself vibrating at a much higher frequency. For the first few times, you might
even have difficulty in staying out, and you will thump back right into your body! In the Astral,
you travel by your thoughts. So you have to be careful of what you think. You will soon learn to
control your thoughts and your Astral Body.

30. What is Astral Blindness?
During a conscious OOBE when the Projector is unable to see, he is experiencing Astral
Blindness. This is because he has not yet learned how to use his astral sight. This is a temporary
condition and with time and practice, it gets cured.

31. During practice, when it's the right time to get up and travel?
During practice, if there is a projection you will realize that parts of your Astral body is moving
about – you will have a floating sensation, face, legs, hands or fingers start to rise. When this
happens, this is the right time to try and get up gently. You may feel that you have awakened in
your physical. So give your self a little test: Try to jump. You will see to your amazement that
you can fly!

32. When a person wakes up after Projection, does he feel fresh and rejuvenated, or does
he feel tired?
During Astral Projection, the body sleeps normally, so when you wake up, you feel refreshed.

33. How does it feel to see our physical body during an OBE?
Seeing oneself during Projection is quite an unnerving experience initially! The facial muscles
are completely relaxed and the skin is more loose or drawn downward. Seeing yourself face to
face is an indescribable feeling.

34. What is the Silver Cord?
The Silver Cord is an energy cord that links your Physical Body and the Astral Body. Through
this cord, transference of energy and impulses take place. It is the cord that gives life to the
physical. This cord cannot be severed until death. As long as the person is alive, this cord is
intact. It can be likened to the umbilical cord attaching a child to the mother.
The Silver Cord is thickest when you are closest to your Physical. As your Astral moves away
from the Physical, the Cord thins in diameter and gradually becomes as thin as a thread. At this
diameter, the cord is capable of extending to infinity without severing.
Not everyone is able to see the Silver Cord. But regardless of whether you see it or not, it exists.
Even the Bible talks about it.

35. Can other Astral entities sever the Silver Cord?
No. The Silver Cord cannot be severed by anyone. This only happens when the hour of death has
arrived to a person and that comes by law.

36. For Projection to occur is there any particular position that is better?
No particular position is better than the other. Whatever works best for the Projector is the best
position. The pre-requisite to Projection is complete relaxation. As long as you are able to
achieve totally relaxation, it really doesn't make a difference whether you lie on your back, your
side, your stomach or even sit upright.

37. Can we touch objects in the Astral?
Yes, you can touch and feel objects on the Astral, just as you can touch physical ones in the
Physical Plane.

38. Is it necessary to be good at visualization?
Visualization is not a necessary ingredient for Projection. But if the Projector can increase his
ability to visualize it will help him progress faster.

39. Should drugs be used to help induce OBEs?
Drugs are not recommended to induce Astral Projection.
The key to a productive out-of-body experience is complete control and control is the first thing
lost when you use any kind of mind-altering substance. .
Drugs harm your astral vehicle and curtail your spiritual growth. They take you to the lower
Astral Plane full of confusion and disorientation. It is dull, gloomy, and full of negative energy.
The lower Astral is very unlike the vibrant, progressive, positive Astral we are seeking to
Why contaminate the biological vehicle when effective results can be achieved naturally? Don't
put your body at risk. If there is real desire to experience Astral Projection then that desire, along
with consistent practice will get you there.

40. What is Lucid Dreaming?
Lucid Dreaming is a term coined by Frederik van Eeden. A dream in which you are aware you
are dreaming, is called a Lucid Dream.
Lucidity is often triggered when the dreamer notices some incongruity in the dream, such as
flying like a bird, or meeting the deceased. And Sometimes people become lucid without any
particular reason. They just suddenly realize they are dreaming.

41. Are there levels to Lucidity?
The level of Lucidity can vary greatly. When your lucidity is very high, you are cognizant that
everything you are experiencing is occurring in your mind. You know there is no real danger
about anything and that you are asleep in bed.
But when your lucidity is low, you may be aware only partially. You may fly or alter what you
are doing, but you may not realize that the people in the dream are not real, or that you can suffer
no physical harm, or that you are actually in bed.

42. What is Near Death Experience (NDE)?
Near Death Experience (NDE) is an OOBE that is brought about when a person is at the point of
death. This generally happens during accidents and acute illness. During NDEs people pass over
to the other side and often report seeing their life flash before them. Most people also experience
traveling inside a dark tunnel towards the light. After an NDE, most people develop a strong
belief in life after death.

43. After the first conscious Astral Projection, is it easy to have them regularly?
In most cases, if you experience conscious OOBE once, you will experience it again. If you still
have the desire to do so, it would be easier the second time. But, if your first experience was an
unpleasant or a frightening one, you may never consciously want to project again.
Desire and practice are the keys to regular projections.

44. In the Astral world, is it possible to attract people in the physical world?
Since the Astral Plane is vibrating at a different frequency than the Physical Plane, it is very
unlikely that you can attract people in the physical world.
There are people who can project near the physical vibration rate and can be seen by others, and
communicate as well, but this is rare and usually unintentional.

45. Is it possible to meet deceased relatives on the Astral Plane?
Yes, it is possible. If you had a strong attachment with the deceased, it might be possible to meet
them, though not always.

46. Is it possible to meet with other human beings while Projection?
Yes, it is possible. But if you want to talk them meaningfully, they should be conscious. If we
find them and they are dreaming they will look drunk! They may not recognize us but later when
they awake, they may remember seeing us in a dream.

47. Is it possible to take astral trips with others?
Definitely. Astral Projection experts often project from different locations on this planet and
travel together to any place of their choosing. They can also attend group meetings. In fact, there
are various groups on the Internet that take astral trips together.

48. Are there negative entities in the Astral? Are they dangerous ?
Yes, there are negative entities in the Astral Plane but you may not come across them very often.
They can do no harm to you in any way. If they scare you, you may slump back in your physical
and have a headache!
Many of these negative entities are self-created. They are nothing but manifestations of your own
fears that appear as thought-forms in the Astral.
Other entities are denizens of the lower Astral that sometimes get attracted to you for some
reason. Even they can do you no harm.
Remember, in the Astral, your thoughts have power. If you don’t like something, you can always
change them into something you want. By not being afraid, you can make these entities vanish or
turn them into something more pleasant. You can tell them who is the Boss and demand them to
vanish. And they will soon disappear.
In order to avoid bumping into any of these entities, you should attempt Projection in a good
mood. The rule in the Astral Plane is: Like attracts like. If you are in a negative or bad mood,
you will attract negative thought-forms. But if you Project with positive and loving thoughts, you
will most likely attract positive and loving entities.

49. How can we control the fear-factor?
Fear of the unknown is a common barrier to OOBE. As someone rightly said, FEAR stands for
False Evidence Appearing Real. There is nothing to be afraid of in the Astral world. Nothing can
harm you. But it is a new environment and the Projector has to get used to it.
There are several ways to reduce and eliminate fear during Projection. One very effective way is
to immediately start repeating safety affirmation. Tell yourself repeatedly that you are safe and
calm. Any such statements will help you immediately calm down and relax.
Knowledge and understanding about OOBE always helps. Read everything regarding Astral
Projection and become completely familiar with all its aspects. You should know what to expect
during Projection. So whenever you experience something, it may not be totally unexpected.
Your knowledge on the topic would strengthen your belief and diminish your fears.
Most people who experience fears are trying to Project at night. At night, everything around us
is dark and creepy. Fear of the dark is a natural fear. The best way to overcome this is to practice
during daylight. This is by far the easiest solution to the fear of darkness.
Nothing can substitute experience. The more you get into the Astral, the more familiar the astral
environment will become. Each subsequent travel will be less fearful. Soon you will be able to
approach it with more stability, and it will become better and more magical if you persist. After a
couple of successful experiences, your fear will diminish and eventually disappear.

50. Why is this taking so long?
There are several reasons why for you it is taking long. Firstly, you need to find out if you are
really taking out time to practice. If you try only at night, you will fall asleep most of the time.
So you should practice at times when you will not fall asleep.
Or maybe you are trying too hard. If this is the case you may actually be stopping yourself from
Projection. You have to follow a middle path. Give yourself some time. Practice every day,
preferably at a fixed time. Relax and don't get tensed if you are not getting results.
Succeeding in Astral Projection is just like building a muscle. If you have not used your muscles
for years, you need to give some time to train it. You will succeed when you are ready, not when
you demand it. So relax and be consistent.

51. I can't remember my dreams. How do I improve my dream-recall ability?
In order to improve your dream-recall ability, keep a pen and a diary next to you. Whenever you
get up after a dream, write it down. This is very important. Don’t take it casually because if you
don’t write it down, you will forget them by morning. When you regularly record your dreams,
your recall-ability will improve dramatically.
Another good habit is to remind yourself just before you go to sleep that you will remember your

52. Every time I try to Astral Project I lie there for a long time and I feel things but I never
seem to make it.
If you are experiencing Astral sensations, maybe you have already split, but your astral is still on
bed. Try to get out of bed, carefully and take a little jump. You may end up floating above your

53. Why Can’t I Have Another OOBE?
Normally if your first OOBE experience was a pleasant one, you should not have difficulty in
your subsequent Astral Projections. However, if it was not a pleasant one you may have
developed a sub-conscious block towards Projection
Affirmations are the best ways to remove mental blocks. You can repeat your affirmations
several times a day and several times just before going to bed. This would dissolve any
impediments rooted in your subconscious.

54. Sometimes during my OOBE experiences I cannot move. At other times I have
difficulty in my vision and other senses. How should I solve this problem?
Often new Projectors face such problems. In order to improve clarity of vision, hearing and
mobility, simply repeat mentally that you want your complete awareness to be present. You
should affirm with full conviction. Repeat your request as often as required. The stronger the
demand is, the better would be the results.

55. Can other people who are in the Astral help me in achieving a successful Projection?
Only the Divine Beings, who are spiritually advanced, can help us in achieving a successful
projection. There are several documented cases when Projectors felt warm loving hands guiding
them out of their bodies.

56. Can I fly during Astral Projection?
Flying is a very pleasant part of conscious Astral Projection. When you are out of your body and
want to fly, there are various ways that can help you achieve this.
You can flap your arms as if they were a bird’s wings and take off. Or simply, you can think of
floating and you will start flying! Another way is to just ‘feel’ that you are lighter than air. As
you think, you will gradually rise up and start flying. You may also tell your self to shoot up like
a rocket. The next instant you would be propelled into space. You might also think that you are
in an elevator and it is taking you up to the 20th floor. Or maybe you can fancy yourself
swimming and floating. All these actions would result in your flying or floating
As you practice, you will know which method works best for you.

57. While practicing, often I get a tingling sensation but cannot go beyond that. How do I
take charge?
Tingling sensation is a very good sign. It means that you have become more aware of the energy
flowing through you. Try not to be distracted by this. When you stay calm more sensations
would be felt and eventually you may project.
If you ever feel, at any point, that you have come out of your body, just get up out of the bed
carefully, and take a small jump. If you are really Projected, you will start floating and that
would be a wonderful feeling.

58. Sometimes while trying to Project, I hear whistling and buzzing noises. My heart starts
beating faster than usual and then I wake up. How do I get around this?
Buzzing and whistling sounds are normal preludes to Projection. Don’t get too carried away with
these symptoms. The key is to take them naturally and keep calm. You need to let them happen
and not pay attention to them. Soon these symptoms will stop bothering you.

59. Whenever I try to practice, I get distracted and my mind starts hopping from one
thought to another. How can I concentrate?
Training the mind to focus on one thing takes some time. Whenever some wayward thought
distracts your mind, mentally tell that piece of thought “I know you are important. But I will
attend to you after some time.” You will notice that by repeating such lines, your unwanted
thoughts disappear and you are able to concentrate.
Additionally, you can spend around 5 minutes every day and practice concentration /
visualization exercises

60. What kind of knowledge can we gain from the Astral?
The Astral Plane is a storehouse of unlimited knowledge. It contains information about the past,
present and future. It can teach you about ancient cultures, nature, life, divinity, the process of
life and death. You can also find out if there is life on other planets. And much, much more. The
learning is endless.

61. When are you best able to leave your body?
This depends on person to person. But for majority, morning or daytime is easier. If you practice
at night, you are usually too tired and will fall asleep. So it is more productive to practice during
morning hours.

62. When we are Astral Projecting, by just taking the name of the person, can we visit
him/her? Is it possible that by mistake we visit some other person by the same name?
In the Astral, your thoughts are the key to where you want to go. Your higher self knows whom
you want to visit and take you to the correct person. Here, the name of the person doesn’t matter
at all. Since you are thinking of that person, you will reach there.

63. Can light meals help out-of-body experiences?
Some people find Projection easier when they have a light meal.
It is not recommended to practice after a very heavy meal because it can take us into lower
Astral. Even fasting is not required. You can eat sensibly and avoid fried and other items that
make you lethargic.

64. Do the dead make their presence felt?
Yes. There are countless cases when the deceased visit their relatives to help them in times of
need or if they want to pass on some message.

65. Why don’t successful Projectors prove to the non-believers that Astral Projection is
You see, we are not here on earth to convert non-believers into believers. If we were, we would
have spent several lifetimes forcing our will on others, and that is not right. We have been sent
here to experience things for ourselves. When the non-believers are ready, they will turn into

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Koleksi Soalan Lazim Berkaitan Dengan Astral Projection
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